Time for the 5th Annual GuitarFish Music Festival, Lake Tahoe!

Time for the 5th Annual GuitarFish Music Festival, Lake Tahoe!
July 31, 2015 FOLK Brewing Company

Support Our Local Music Festivals!

Why we all need to head to GuitarFish in Cisco Grove this weekend.

We support local food, we support local art, we support local Folks, so why not support our only local music festival? Perhaps not many festival goers have learned about GuitarFish Music Festival in Cisco Grove yet, but the 5th Annual is being held this weekend, and the lineup is pretty darn impressive. Mr Karl Denson, himself, is taking the stage tonight, and that’s no small feat, Folks. He’s an icon after all, a traveling member of the Rolling Stones these days! The best part about the festival is it’s proximity to Truckee, about a 25 minute drive… away from it all, into the forest, with multiple stages, great booths selling beautiful artisan wares, and local restaurants serving up food with little in the way of kitchen conveniences! Enter FOLK Brewing Company, whose FOLK Kombucha will be served on tap all weekend at The Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen booth. Brewmasters Brett Kendall and Doug Baehr will be onsite, somewhere… probably listening to music, but we’re hoping they’ll be sampling some of the authentic, slow-brewed, small batch kombucha they so thoughtfully and lovingly create!  Thinking the flavors on the rotating tap will be Evil Jungle Prince, Tour de Fleur, and Chamomile Cardamom. Yummee! Let’s all get out and get FOLKY this weekend at Guitar Fish.


The FOLK Brewing Team