Tahoe Kombucha: Locals Brew Beneficial Bacteria

Tahoe Kombucha: Locals Brew Beneficial Bacteria
August 5, 2016 FOLK Brewing Company

Lake Tahoe’s FOLK Brewing Company Featured in Tahoe Weekly!

FOLK Kombucha – The Champagne of Kombucha

This week’s Tahoe Weekly features and article on Lake Tahoe Kombucha and FOLK Brewing Company in the Food & Wine section of the magazine! ‘FOLK Brewing Company is stoked to get the message out about our local kombucha in the Tahoe Weekly. We slow brew our FOLK Kombucha in single batches by hand, using organic ingredients and water sourced direct from Lake Tahoe – some of the best water in the country! The result is an amazingly refreshing beverage and a great alternative to sugar-laden sodas and other drinks that are out there on the market’ says Brett Kendall, FOLK co-owner and co-brewmaster.  Check out the article here at: http://thetahoeweekly.com/2016/08/tahoe-kombucha-%C2%B7-locals-brew-beneficial-bacteria/ 

The FOLK Brewing Team